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Cloud Consulting

We’ve transformed more than 3500 businesses through our cloud services.
Join the band of winners. Get on Cloud!

Take Off From Cloud

Build your workflows on cloud – from the very start. Enhance productivity, optimize efficiency with cloud based solutions built from ground up.

Modernise Existing Systems

Migrate existing systems to a cloud platform. Make your employees & customers happy while saving time, money and effort.

Build Sustainable Business

Be agile but also scalable and robust. Give your employees and business wings to grow – faster & better – for long-term gains.

Cloud Services

With Brio, upgrading to next level of technology is an authentic, efficient and joyous process.

Infra Modernisation

Flexible infrastructure modernisation approaches from rehost to replatform.

App Modernisation

Innovate faster with consistent development and operations experience.

Smart Analytics

Improve business outcomes with real-time inteligence and streaming analytics.


Build business-critical machine learning models at scale.


Detect, investigate, and stop cyber threats that target your business and users attacks.

Business Productivity

Reimagine business productivity and collaboration of your team.

Infrastructure Modernization

Infrastructure Modernization

Build the right cloud infrastructure your business needs, Migrate your workloads, modernise your applications. Flexible infrastructure modernization approaches from rehost to replatform, enabling you to leverage the innovation of cloud from streaming analytics and AI.

Applications Migration

Confidently migrate your workloads to the cloud.

SAP on Cloud

Migrate and run your SAP workloads on certified infrastructure.

High Performance Computing

Leverage the security, scalable compute, storage & network capabilities of public cloud.

Data Centre Migration

Proven assessment & migration processes and tools for VMs, Apps, Databases and more.

Virtual Desktops

Go Hybrid with secure remote work solutions for desktops and applications (VDI & DaaS)

Backup & Disaster Recovery

Stay up and running with solutions that meet your BCDR requirements.

Application Modernization

Application Modernization

Innovate faster with consistent development and operations experience. Make the most out of cloud native technologies like containers, server-less and service mesh.

Hybrid and multi-cloud application platform

Modernise your legacy applications with consistent platform across all your deployments

Server-less Solutions

Fully managed environment for developing, deploying and scaling apps while paying only for what you use.

API Management

Build modern services over your legacy apps. Speed up your design and development with API-first approach.


Improve the speed, stability, availability, and security of your software delivery capability, to drive improved performance.

Continuous Delivery

Setup end-to-end continuous delivery pipelines to release software at high velocity without sacrificing security or quality.

Continuous Integration

Create automated builds, run tests, provision environments, and scan artifacts for security vulnerabilities — all within minutes.

Smart Analytics

Smart Analytics

Unlock your data’s potential. Empower everyone to get insights by removing traditional constraints of scale, performance, and cost to solve business challenges. Improve business outcomes with real-time intelligence and streaming analytics.

Data Warehouse Modernisation

Protect your data and securely modernise data security, replication, and governance. Safely migrate without performance disruptions.

Data Lake Modernisation

Rehost your data on cloud or migrate to cloud native data lake to accelerate your data engineers’ and scientists’ analytics development.

Stream Analytics

Ingest, process, and analyse real-time event streams and take business impacting action on high-value, perishable insights.

Business Intelligence

Innovate and differentiate with data. Develop a strategy to modernise BI and put data at the centre of your business transformation.

Data Science

Unlock value from data. Run your business faster, smarter, and at planet scale.

Marketing Analytics

Bring your business and marketing data together to gain a holistic view of your marketing performance.



Build business-critical machine learning models at scale. Empower your teams to build, deploy and manage high-quality models faster and with confidence. Innovate on a secure, trusted platform designed for responsible machine learning (ML).


Train high-quality custom machine learning models with minimal effort and machine learning expertise.

AI Infrastructure

Accelerating your model training and deployment in a portable and consistent environment.

Pre-trained Models

Consume powerful pre-trained machine learning models through REST and RPC APIs. Vision, Speech, Text, Translation and many more.

Unified ML Platform

Train models without code, minimal expertise required. Leverage MLOps to easily manage your data and models.



Detect, investigate, and stop cyber threats that target your business and users before attacks result in damage or loss. Simplify security with built-in controls.

Zero Trust Solutions

Enables secure access to applications and cloud resources with integrated threat and data protection without traditional remote-access VPN.

Security & Risk Management Platform

Central Visibility and Control, Discover misconfigurations & vulnerabilities, detect threats.

User Protection Services

Detect malicious urls within your website and client applications. Protect your websites from fraudulent activities, spam and abuse.

Secure Fido 2FA Keys

Phishing-resistant two-factor authentication (2FA) devices that help protect high-value users.

Productivity & Collaboration

Productivity & Collaboration

Reimagine business productivity and collaboration of your team. Change the way teams work with solutions designed for humans and built for impact.

Business Collaboration

Now secure your emails, chats, video calls and collaboration anywhere, anytime.


Unified identity, access, app, and endpoint management (IAM/EMM) platform.


Enterprise search for your workforce to find company information that they need, right when they need it.

No Code / Low code Platforms

Enable everyone in your organisation to build and extend applications without coding.

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