The language of technology needs a good translator.

We hire the best, the most passionate people in our industry, to translate each organisation’s needs into the most productive solutions.

We enable each employee, each organisation, to feel more empowered, by not getting stressed at work, but by being at their joyous best, enthusiastically embracing the simplicity provided by complex technology.

Purpose of Brio

Who is Brio?

Best friends of technology. We are a humble, technology specialist, provider of the best solutions, authentic to each type of business.

Go-to problem solvers

Brio is a dedicated, tight group of technologists, technology lovers, human beings and friends. We are a go-to problem solver for anything to do with ‘Cloud Solutions and ‘Cloud Consulting’.

Experienced Team

Over the years, we have been setting-up IT infrastructure, managing IT and helping businesses upgrade technology across the world

Cloud Specialist

We exist, so that you are able to benefit significantly from the many innovations that are going on in the field of cloud technology.

We work with the best

We partner with the original developers of the best technology in the world. But more importantly, we help organizations around the world choose what is best for each of them.

Why Brio?

No organization can become the best, unless they work with the best.

We are not the regular, run-of-the-mill, cloud reseller. Brio works with the best partners, system architects, engineers, coders and managers and human beings, so that our clients get the best value for their money.

The culture at Brio is very hands-on. We work by bringing in, both, agility and ability, to provide customers with the best consulting knowledge and engineering support.

Our approach to driving result-oriented transformation and profitability, is through the joy of use. And the ease of adopting new technology.

Finally, being future-ready is not about taking decisions in future, it is about using the opportunity of now to upgrade to the next level, in a seamless and joyous process.

Core Values

Build strong relationships

Trust, transparency & meeting the expectations is key


Keep learning innovation follows

Stay hungry stay foolish, always!!!


Be you, be true and humble

Every team member brings some thing unique. Humility is not knowing. And that, eventually and almost always, leads to empathy which leads to compassion.


Collaborate for greatness

Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress , and working together is success. – Henry ford


Do your bit for a better world

Every journey begins with a single step.



Farhan Syed

Co-founder & Director

Abdul Muneem

Co-founder & Director

Imran Syed

Co-founder & CTO