Tailored Cloud Solutions for Every Industry

Empowering Industries with Unique Cloud Solutions for Unprecedented Growth

Industry Solutions

Whatever your industry’s challenge or use case, explore how Cloud solutions can help improve efficiency and agility, reduce cost, participate in new business models, and capture new market opportunities.


We’re revolutionizing the retail landscape by fostering seamless operations, data-driven decisions, and enriched customer engagements.

Consumer packaged goods

Be it streamlining operations, or optimizing supply chains, or delivering enhanced customer experiences, our cloud expertise is all set ready.


In the ever-evolving landscape of manufacturing, our cloud solutions stand as catalysts for excellence. From real-time insights to optimized processes, we’re committed to reshaping the manufacturing sector.


We empower energy businesses to achieve efficiency, promote sustainability, and embrace digital transformation through cutting-edge cloud technology.

Healthcare and life sciences

In the intricate realm of healthcare and life sciences, our cloud solutions empower healthcare providers and life sciences organizations to foster innovation, elevate patient care, and propel research advancements through cutting-edge cloud technology.

Media and entertainment

With a keen understanding of the industry’s dynamics, our tailored solutions address unique challenges and opportunities in content distribution, audience insights, and more.


Right from enriching multiplayer experiences to fine-tuning backend infrastructure, our commitment lies in sculpting the gaming landscape. Our AI-driven solutions to build and scale games faster.


Our cloud solutions are at the forefront of transformation by driving secure transactions, enhancing financial services, and leading the charge in digital innovation through cutting-edge cloud technology.

Cloud for Retail

Retail solutions to power your business
We’re on a mission to help retailers easily leverage AI throughout their organizations and gain real-time insights from their data. It's time to join the league of world’s leading brands that have leveraged Cloud to thrive in this ever-changing landscape.

Cloud for consumer packaged goods

Transform your CPG organization with Cloud
We're helping CPGs to digitally transform through data-driven innovation beginning with the consumer and extending through the value chain.

Unlock consumer growth, capture new routes to market, and drive connected operations with Cloud.

Cloud for manufacturing

Bring engineering innovation to your enterprise in a secure, scalable, and sustainable way.
The world's leading manufacturers use our data, AI, and productivity solutions to optimize production operations, improve customer experiences, and accelerate workforce productivity.

Cloud for media and entertainment

Build personalized experiences with generative AI
Create, distribute, and monetize media with Cloud
The world's leading media companies use Cloud to transform audience experiences with innovation and insights.

Generative AI revolutionizes how media companies can help audiences find relevant content. Using conversational interactions, consumers can receive highly personalized content and service recommendations, including music, video, and blogs.

Cloud for Games

Empower your games with Cloud
Cloud for Games helps you create exceptional player experiences by unifying performance and insights.
Cloud operates live services used by billions. Harness world-class technology, performance, and scale with Cloud.
Cloud's solutions helps you serve exceptional games and uncover new ways to delight players, so they come back for more.

Cloud for supply chain and logistics

Transform your supply chain and logistics operations with Cloud
We’re on a mission to help organizations harness the power of data and AI to drive more intelligent logistics operations and supply chains.

We partner with leading supply chain and logistics teams to enable sustainable, efficient, and resilient data-driven operations.

Cloud for Payments

More than cost savings and convenience, digital transformation is about empowering teams with insights to drive continuous innovation and scale. That's why organizations across the financial ecosystem solve their biggest challenges with Cloud.
Empower your transformation and growth.

Maximize data-driven innovation, actionable insights, and exceptional customer experiences while meeting your security and compliance needs with Cloud.

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