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Relavantz is a leading provider of digital marketing solutions for various industries. They have over 1500 employees across different regions and departments, working on various projects and campaigns. Relavantz wanted to create a more engaging and productive workplace for their employees, where they could communicate, collaborate, learn, and grow together.

The Problem Statement

Relavantz had been using Google Workspace as their main productivity platform, but they were dissatisfied with it in several ways. It did not have a full-fledged employee experience platform that could connect, motivate, and enable Relavantz's employees from different regions and departments. They needed a comprehensive and integrated solution that could give them a consistent and customized employee experience, as well as insights, learning, and knowledge management features. They wanted to boost their employee engagement, productivity, and retention by fostering a more cooperative and learning-oriented workplace culture, but they found Google Workspace inadequate and restrictive in fulfilling their needs.

The Solution

Brio Technologies proposed Microsoft Viva as the perfect solution for Relavantz employee experience needs and carried out a two-month proof of concept and demo of the Viva platform, presenting its features and benefits to Relavantz's stakeholders and decision-makers. Brio showcased how Viva could smoothly integrate with Microsoft 365, the productivity platform that added value to switch to from Google Workspace. Brio also emphasized how Viva could stand out from other employee experience platforms in the market, such as Meta Workplace and Zoho Connect and after a successful proof of concept and demo, Relavantz chose to adopt the Viva platform and migrate their 1500+ users from Google Workspace to Microsoft 365 along with Viva. Brio Technologies completed the migration and implementation within 6-8 weeks, ensuring minimal interruption and maximum satisfaction. They also delivered end-user training for change management, helping Relavantz & employees to embrace and adjust to the new platform.

The Result

By implementing the Viva platform, Relavantz was able to achieve the following results:
  • Improved collaboration by 12%, as measured by the number of Teams and Viva channels, posts, comments, reactions, and file sharing.
  • Enhanced employee experience by 16%, as measured by the employee
    engagement score, satisfaction survey, and feedback.
  • Increased productivity by 10%, as measured by the time saved, tasks completed, and goals achieved.
Increased productivity by 10%, as measured by the time saved, tasks completed, and goals achieved.
Relavantz's employees also reported higher levels of motivation, morale, and retention, as they felt more connected, valued, and supported by their organization. Relavantz's leaders also reported higher levels of visibility, accountability, and innovation, as they could monitor, manage, and improve their employee experience initiatives.
Relavantz and Brio Technologies continue to work together to optimize and enhance the Viva platform, adding new features and functionalities as they become available. They also plan to explore other Microsoft solutions to further improve their business processes and outcomes.

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