LIVE on July 10th | 11am PST

Beans, Brew and Brio Webinar Series: Generative AI for Manufacturing

Are you in operations or IT within the manufacturing sector?

Don’t miss our exciting summer session! Learn how to make the perfect iced pour-over coffee with BlendIn Coffee Club’s Brio Kit and discover Google Enterprise Search. Enterprise Search helps you find what you need fast by searching through all your company’s files and data, no matter where they’re stored. It streamlines your operations, making it easier to manage inventory, track supply chains, and spot defects, boosting your overall efficiency.


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Receive a coffee making gift on us: value of over $150 in specialty coffee equipment and beans**

Why should you attend this webinar?

Specialty Coffee Experience

A specialty pour over training session led by a top rated coffee roaster. You’ll receive a premium coffee kit to create the perfect brew at home, enhancing your daily ritual with single-origin beans selected for their exceptional quality. Recurring series with new beans each month.


Generative AI Training

Get a first look at how Google’s Generative AI can revolutionize your manufacturing processes. Join experts from Google AI for a live demo showcasing innovative solutions designed to optimize workflows, drive down costs, and accelerate your time to market. This session is tailored for manufacturing leaders ready to harness the power of AI.


Networking Opportunities


Discover common grounds over a cup! There’s no better icebreaker than a shared love for a meticulously crafted coffee. Mingle with fellow connoisseurs and tech aficionados in a relaxed setting that’s as inviting as a freshly brewed latte. It’s your chance to stir up conversations, blend new ideas, and percolate potential collaborations, all while sipping on the day’s finest beans. After all, the richest connections are often brewed over coffee!

Partner Value with Brio

Much like the perfect cup of joe, Brio infuses your projects with rich innovation and robust support. In collaboration with Google, we ensure you’re always connected and empowered within Google’s ecosystem, brewing success one solution at a time. 



LIVE on July 10th | 11am PST

11:00 – 11:05 am
Introduction to specialty Brio, BlendIn Coffee Club and Google.

11:05 – 11:25 am
BlendIn Coffee Club team will walk us through your coffee “Elida Catuai ASD” and your Brio Coffee Kit.

11:25 – 11:40 am
Brio’s Jacob Wood will demonstrate Generative AI technologies on Google Cloud Platform to address manufacturing challenges while sipping on some stellar coffee (hopefully no stains or defects!)

11:40 – 12:00 pm
Q & A with Google Cloud Team

Meet The Speakers

Juliano Sarinelli

Head of Sales: Americas & Europe

Google Cloud Team

Jacob Wood

Sales Engineer

Aaron Atkinson

General Manager

Reviews from previous attendees

Brio put on an awesome and informative demonstration of the latest Al capabilities of Google Workspace. This greatly enhances productivity using the platform.

To top it off they provided coffee and a brewing system to attendees with a complete video demonstration for making the perfect brew to further enhance your work productivity.

Rich PuderbaughPresident - zAnswer LLC

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**Limited Availability: Due to the high value of this coffee kit, we will only be giving them to selected designations with a limit of 1 per company.